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Land Rover will unveil the larger, eight seater Defender 130 on 31st May

At the end of this month, Land Rover is planning on unveiling the new larger, eight seater Defender 130. Once launched, it’ll be the largest Defender on sale at 5.1m long. We also know that Land Rover is planning on opening the order books at the same time. Land Rover has said surprisingly little about the upcoming model, but we do know that they’ll be two seats in the front, […]

Pebblebee launches new accessories compatible with Apple Find My

This week, Pebblebee has launched two accessories for tracking possessions that work with the Apple Find My network. The new Pebblebee Clip and the Pebblebee Card are very similar to what is on offer from Chipolo. Both devices from Pebblebee come in matte black, work with the Find My network and can be added using the Find My app on iOS. It’ll also notify you when you lose contact with the […]

Ubiquiti announces brand new UniFi WiFi 6 In-wall access point

Ubiquiti has today released the brand new UniFi WiFi 6 In-wall access point, which joins the rest of the lineup in the new ‘UniFi 6’ family, with the U6-Lite, U6-Pro, U6-Mesh and more. The new in-wall AP has the same form factor has the UniFi in-wall HD, with four ethernet ports. On the base, one of the ethernet ports can be used to send PoE out to another device, at […]

Apple releases tvOS 15.5 for Apple TV

This week, Apple has released a minor update for the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K, with tvOS 15.5. This update comes a few months after tvOS 15.4 was released, which added support for WiFi networks that have captive portals, such as hotels. tvOS 15.5 is available now and can be updated by gong to Settings > System > Software Update. So far, Apple has not released any notes on […]

Ubiquiti introduces new UISP Dish, designed for long range PtP connections

Today, Ubiquiti has introduced the new UISP Dish which follows on from the brand new UISP Horn, which was released earlier this month. Like the Horn, the new Dish is very similar in operation and design to the products from RF Elements, right down to the waveguide adaptor. The UISP Dish is similar to the UltraDish that RF Elements offers and is designed for use in PtP scenarios, or as […]

Amazon updates the Fire 7 tablet with USB-C and longer battery life

Amazon has today revealed the next version of its popular Fire 7 tablets, with the standard model and the kids edition receiving updates. Amazon has said that with these new models, the battery life is longer, with more RAM and more powerful CPU. Over the previous generation, Amazon has added double the amount of RAM and a new quad-core processor that’s 30 percent faster than the old one. Amazon has also […]

Ubiquiti launches the brand new G4 Doorbell Pro, on sale now

Today, Ubiquiti has launched the brand new G4 Doorbell Pro. Its available in the GA store in both the EU/UK and US stores and this follows a five month period in the EA store. Ubiquiti announced the G4 Doorbell Pro earlier this year in January and has a large host of new features. The G4 Doorbell Pro moves on from the G4 Doorbell with a black colour by default, two […]

Apple releases macOS Monterey 12.4

Apple this week has released macOS Monterey version 12.4, with the main addition being adding in support for the new update released for the new Studio Display webcam update, which has also been released this week. macOS Monterey 12.4 is available now for all Macs compatible with Monterey and can be downloaded from System Preferences > Software Update. In this release, Universal Control‌ is not in beta, which means this […]

Vauxhall stops selling the Insignia, coming back as an EV model by 2026

Today, Vauxhall has stopped selling its medium sized saloon car, the Insignia. For the time being, Vauxhall has no plans to replace it soon, but with a long term future of being replaced with a fully electric version in 2026. The latest Insignia was only just facelifted two years ago and the company has said that it’ll be fulfilling any new orders, but for now the Insignia won’t be replaced. Over […]