Ubiquiti announces the Dream Machine SE, on sale now

At the latter part of this week, Ubiquiti made the Dream Machine SE generally available outside of the Early Access store. A couple things have changed from the EA version on the public version. The name and the PoE ports configuration have changed. When the device was announced in July 2021 it was called the UniFi Dream Machine Pro SE, however it is just the Dream Machine SE now. Also, […]

Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Doorbell vs G4 Doorbell Pro

Ubiquiti announced the new G4 Doorbell Pro last week, for the UniFi Protect platform. It is currently available as part of the Early Access program which means it is in its beta phase. The G4 Doorbell Pro builds on where Ubiquiti fell a bit short on its first doorbell, for starters it is now black, rather than white – however the G4 Doorbell does have some optional covers for helping […]

Ubiquiti’s new G4 Doorbell Pro does support data over Ethernet

Last week, Ubiquiti revealed its latest video doorbell that works with its UniFi Protect software, its currently in the Early Access beta program at the moment and will be released for general sale at some stage in the future. However, due to the public nature of the company announcing it via a YouTube video, there has been a lot of discussion around it. The G4 Doorbell Pro features an uprated […]

Ubiquiti announces new G4 Doorbell Pro for UniFi Protect, in beta currently

Ubiquiti has today announced the all new G4 Doorbell Pro for UniFi Protect, which at the time of writing is available in the Early Access beta program. It is up now on the US and EU stores for sale at €310.80 and is already sold out. The G4 Doorbell Pro moves on from the G4 Doorbell with a black colour by default, two cameras, 1.3-inch touchscreen, two way audio, weatherproofing […]

Ubiquiti introduces new Snow Radome Cover for airFiber 60 LR

Ubiquiti has recently introduced a new radome cover for the airFiber 60 LR which helps it cope better in more harsh temperatures and weather conditions, such as snow. The airFiber 60 LR can get issues with snow build up in colder climates, so this cover should help mitigate that. Ubiquiti has also made sure that the cover covers up the radio, but lets technicians get access to the LEDs on […]

Ubiquiti announces new Long-range Ethernet Repeater

Ubiquiti has recently released a new unique product mainly designed for extending ethernet over much further distances than what is usually possible with using one ethernet cable run. The UACC LRE can extend ethernet over 1km distances, when using 9 daisy chained together. The UACC LRE is powered by 802.3af/at PoE/PoE+ and can then pass that power on to the end device, be it a wireless access point or PoE […]

Ubiquiti announces new Smart Sensor for UniFi Protect

Ubiquiti has today announced a new sensor for its UniFi Protect security software platform, the ‘Smart Sensor’ uses BLE to connect to one of the UniFi Access Points, with WiFi 6. The sensor is able to detect motion, door events, temperature, humidty, tell you about any alarms it can hear and with an optional accessory – let you know if it is flooding at all. It has a range of […]

Ubiquiti releases 1.11.0 update for UDM line, finally fixes PPPoE throughput issue

Ubiquiti has this week releases a major update for the UDM and UDM Pro, with version 1.11.0. The new release addresses a number of bugs that have been present for a while, as well as redesigns the entire dashboard. One main issue fixed is throughput when using PPPoE on WAN. For a while now, users have complained about low throughput on download, which has consistently been around half when using full […]

Ubiquiti UniFi G4 Pro vs AI Bullet

Ubiquiti announced the new AI Bullet camera for the UniFi Protect platform, its currently available as part of the Early Access program which means it is in its beta phase. The AI Bullet is visually very similar to the existing G4 Pro, but for the first time it is available in black – which is a much requested addition to the UniFi Product line. However, in this article we are […]

Ubiquiti announces new AI Bullet camera for UniFi Protect, in beta currently

Ubiquiti has today announced a new addition to the UniFi Protect family with the AI Bullet camera. This is the first all black bullet camera the company makes, which has been a top requested thing for Ubiquiti to do and it looks very similar to the G4 Pro 4K camera. Ubiquiti never usually reveals a new beta product publicly, usually it stays around in the Early Access store until it […]