Ubiquiti introduces new UniFi U6 Extender WiFi 6 access point

Today, Ubiquiti has released a brand new access point for UniFi and it is already in stock at the time of writing. The new U6-Extender is available now on the official US Ubiquiti store, as well as the EU store (which also covers the UK). The U6-Extender is essentially a new updated version of the BeaconHD that was released a few years ago. The U6-Extender supports the latest 802.11ax WiFi […]

Ubiquiti announces Wave, its all new 60GHz PtMP solution

Late last week, Ubiquiti unveiled its all new Wave line of PtMP devices, aimed squarely at the WISP market. As demand for internet bandwidth increases, current 5GHz technology can only go so far, especially for offering 1Gbps+ services to customers. Ubiquiti currently has airMAX AC and the newer LTU line, both operating on the 5GHz spectrum. This is quickly becoming more crowded every day. Also with 5GHz, the maximum throughput […]

Ubiquiti announces brand new UniFi WiFi 6 In-wall access point

Ubiquiti has today released the brand new UniFi WiFi 6 In-wall access point, which joins the rest of the lineup in the new ‘UniFi 6’ family, with the U6-Lite, U6-Pro, U6-Mesh and more. The new in-wall AP has the same form factor has the UniFi in-wall HD, with four ethernet ports. On the base, one of the ethernet ports can be used to send PoE out to another device, at […]

Ubiquiti launches the brand new G4 Doorbell Pro, on sale now

Today, Ubiquiti has launched the brand new G4 Doorbell Pro. Its available in the GA store in both the EU/UK and US stores and this follows a five month period in the EA store. Ubiquiti announced the G4 Doorbell Pro earlier this year in January and has a large host of new features. The G4 Doorbell Pro moves on from the G4 Doorbell with a black colour by default, two […]

Ubiquiti launches new Analog Telephone Adapter for UniFi Talk

Yesterday, Ubiquiti released the brand new Analog Telephone Adapter for UniFi Talk, or the UT-ATA. This new addition to the UniFi Talk family allows users to utilise their existing phone hardware and add them to their new UniFi Talk setup. The ATA can support up to two analog phones and even works with fax machines. Each UT-ATA can be powered by 802.3af PoE, like a traditional VoIP phone, or if […]

Ubiquiti introduces new UISP Horn, for PtMP deployments

Ubiquiti has today released a brand new product in its new line of UISP devices. The UISP Horn is a symmetrical antenna which propagates a very uniform antenna pattern. The UISP Horn looks very similar to the iconic horns from RF Elements, even the wave guide attachment is pretty much identical. This antenna would be best used in a very congested wireless space and is good for any PtMP deployments. […]

Ubiquiti announces all new Dream Wall and Dream Wall Pro – both coming soon

Ubiquiti has today released a new member to the Dream Machine family, with a range of new products under the Dream Wall line. Ubiquiti has released a new marketing YouTube video to go alongside this, and for now – the UDW is available in the Early Access (EA) store. In the marketing video, which is linked below Ubiquiti explains that the standard networking 19-inch rack was designed by AT&T around […]