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Instagram has a new ‘professional dashboard’ for businesses

This week, Instagram has introduced a new tool for businesses, as well as influencers to help monitor post performance, instigate new advertisements and label posts as branded content. Instagram will get a new “professional dashboard” soon, but some of these features aren’t new but just moved to a new centralised location for easier access. Users can see monetisation settings, advert creation options as well as branded content. Ads can be […]

Twitter clears the @POTUS account of its followers, starting a fresh now with Joe Biden

Twitter said that when the new President of the United States, Joe Biden took over from from Donald Trump the two accounts for @POTUS and @WhiteHouse would have all of the followers removed as soon as the new administration was sworn in. Before the accounts were moved over and decommissioned, POTUS had 33 million followers, but during his administration Donald Trump rarely used it, instead using his personal account (@realDonaldTrump) he has […]

WhatsApp has now delayed the update to its privacy policy

Following the bad press and issues with privacy earlier this month, WhatsApp has now delayed the planned privacy update activation date from 8th February until 15th May 2021. The activation date is only delayed now, the Facebook and WhatsApp still intend on it coming into action soon. WhatsApp has said the bad press and users jumping ship to alternatives such as Telegram, iMessage and the most popular, Signal was the […]

Snapchat will be banning Trump from its platform

President Trump has basically been banned off of every social media platform going, Facebook banned him first last week, followed by Twitter, YouTube and now Snapchat. Other non-social media platforms such as Shopfiy have stepped in to ban the president too. This all stems from the widely spread news from last week and the group of Trump supports which stormed the US Capitol building. Twitter banned him for invoking violence and […]

WhatsApp issues update via Twitter, urges it protects users privacy

WhatsApp and Facebook has had a lot of negative feedback and users flocking from the messaging service in the past week, due to its new updated privacy policies. The company has urged on Twitter this week that the new privacy policy will not affect the company’s ability to read messages. Last week, WhatsApp started with popups appearing on users phones, and if you didn’t agree, your account will be deleted […]

CAIT asks Indian government to ban WhatsApp and Facebook

The CAIT in India (Confederation of All India Traders) has asked the government in the country to ban the use of WhatsApp and Facebook in the country following on from the revised privacy policy WhatsApp is forcing users to agree to by 8th February if they want to continue using the service. WhatsApp has over 200 million users in India and since the news regarding the privacy policy, users have […]

Opinion – Its time to say goodbye to WhatsApp from our lives

Its time to say goodbye to WhatsApp and as Facebook owns it, that too and Instagram from our lives and this is so long overdue. The company has no regard and care for its users privacy and the latest news regarding how it is changing the privacy policy for WhatsApp is scary, crazy and downright wrong all at the same time. The below can be found in the revised privacy […]

WhatsApp will start sharing your data with Facebook from next month – agree or lose your account

WhatsApp and Instagram are both owned by Facebook and like it or not Facebook is going to start collecting more information from WhatsApp users, starting in February. Starting earlier this week and yesterday for Europe based countries, WhatsApp has been notifying users that the privacy policy for WhatsApp is going to change, you can opt in or opt out. Opting out will mean your WhatsApp account will be deleted on […]

Facebook outage today affected Instagram DMs and Messenger

Facebook has had some issues today relating to DMs on Messenger and Instagram, which caused message to send to fail and as of writing, everything is back up and running but it was down from 09:30AM BST / 04:30AM ET and came back up this afternoon. Facebook spoke to The Verge today and said: “Earlier today, some people have experienced trouble sending or receiving messages on Messenger, Instagram or Workplace Chat. The […]

Twitter is relaunching account verification next year

Next year, Twitter is relaunching its account verification process after a four year absence. The process was shut down in 2017 due to issues with who was being verified and for what reason, such as multiple white supremacists who had received verification. When the program gets reintroduced in 2021, they’ll be new rules in place on who gets verified which are in a draft form at the moment. “Please note […]