Netatmo announces new Thread and HomeKit compatible security sensor

Netatmo has today revealed a 2 minute-ish video explaining the mechanics and technicality around the Thread and Matter standards, as well as how that works with other smart home ecosystems and accessories. It also said at the end that Netatmo has a new security sensor coming soon, which will work with HomeKit and Thread. Netatmo hasn’t revealed any pricing or availability information yet, but it has said it’ll be easy […]

Netatmo Doorbell with HomeKit support now available in the US and Canada

Netatmo annoicuned their HomeKit compatible doorbell back in 2019 and despite some delays, it was made available here in the UK and Europe in September this year. However it was delayed even further for the US and Canadian market. However this week, the company announced that the Smart Video Doorbell will be available from January 2021. The doorbell is fully compatible with HomeKit and has its own app to recognise people, […]