Electric Vehicles

Plug-in car grant cut – now £1,000 less in the UK

Earlier this week, the UK Government revealed that the plug-in car grant would be reduced down from £2,500 to £1,500. The grant currently offers a subsidy on new car sales of any car that can be plugged in, hybrid or fully electric. There are also some changes to what band of prices the grant can now be applied to too. Customers looking to buy a brand new electric car can […]

Vauxhall Corsa-e and Mokka-e gain range, thanks to various improvements

Some of the latest electric cars from Vauxhall have been updated this week to be more efficient in electricity usage, which is resulting in some improvements in range, with a 6% improving for the Corsa-e and a 4% improvement for the Mokka-e. The Corsa-e now has a quoted range of 222 miles, a jump from 209 and the Mokka-e has jumped from 201 to 209 miles of range. To achieve […]

Tesla stops taking orders for Model S and Model X in all areas apart from North America

Tesla has announced this week that it has now stopped taking any new orders for the Model S and Model X for countries outside of North America. For those areas, the company is saying that deliveries for existing orders should be fulfilled in the second half of next year. Tesla has been sending out communications to this customers who have ordered the Model S and Model X in the UK […]

Ford stops taking reservations for all electric F-150 Lightning

Ford has now stopped taking any new reservations for its new, all electric F-150 pickup truck. Ford has had 200,000 orders for the new truck and has now officially stopped taking new orders. Jim Farley, Ford CEO broke the news on CNBC when speaking to Jim Cramer on the show. “We are completely oversubscribed with our battery electric vehicles, Lightning especially. We had to stop reservations we got so many, […]

All electric Dacia Spring is looking ‘very positive’ for UK launch

We reported back in June this year that Dacia might be bringing its all electric Spring hatchback to the UK, with a decision to be made soon. The budget EV is on sale in the majority of Europe and has already been proved popular, with 40,000 orders been taken in eight months. However, during this time Dacia has still been in the ‘making a decision’ phase, but this week Denis […]

All electric Dacia Spring hits 40,000 orders in 8 months

The new Dacia Spring, a budget EV from the subsidiary brand under Renault has already hit 40,000 orders thanks to its affordable price and decent range. Dacia started taking pre-orders in the majority of Europe between March and June 2021 and achieved 16,000 reservations in that time period. The Spring is available in France, Italy, Germany, Romania and Spain, but not the UK. Within eight months, Dacia has achieved 40,000 […]

Some new Teslas are shipping with no USB ports

It has been recently reported, that some new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars that are being delivered are arriving without any USB-C ports in the centre console or in the back seats. Tesla has said the cause is the ongoing chip shortages and it will be rectifying the issue in December, that is if the company can get the necessary parts. With this issue, some customers were notified […]

Mercedes issues a EQC recall

Mercedes today has issues a recall for the EQC, the company’s first all electric car. Mercedes is saying that around 19,000 cars are affected by this issue and it is pretty serious, as the power steering could system could suddenly fail. Mercedes hasnt said yet how many UK cars are affected by the issue, but according to car-recalls.eu, it is affecting all EQC models that were made between 11th December […]

Volkswagen introduces new all electric ID.5 SUV

This week, Volkswagen has introduced its newest member in the ID family, yes its another SUV but this is more of a ‘coupe-like’ SUV, more so than the ID.4, which is already on sale. This is now the third car VW has launched under the ID brand, following on from the ID.3 and ID.4. The ID.5 shares a lot of components with the ID.4, which is a much more chunky […]

Alfa Romeo is planning on launching a fully electric Giulia in 2024

Alfa Romeo has announced that it is planning on launching a fully electric Giulia in 2024. The current combustion model was introduced in 2016 and has a wide lineup of models, including the Quadrifoglio model with a Ferrari derived V6 and 502bhp. However, now that Alfa Romeo is under the Stellantis group, the company is now focusing itself on becoming an electric only car brand. To kick start this change, […]