Electric Vehicles

Tesla adds active noise reduction to the Model S and Model X

Tesla has now added ‘Active Road Noise Reduction’ to the latest Model S and Model X electric cars. The new feature is available now via a software update and uses very similar technology found in headphones that have ANC built in to reduce the surrounding noise. Tesla say that Active Road Noise Reduction uses two microphones in the front seats that measures the interior noise, then the speakers will push […]

Tesla Model 3 could have been the best selling car in Europe last year

The Tesla Model 3 might have been the best selling electric car in Europe and the UK last year, with around 112,000 sales between January 2021 and November. The figures for December should come in soon but it does look like Tesla has had the best selling car last year. In comparison, Volkswagen sold 62,467 ID3 cars in those eleven months, which is an 124% increase compared to 2020. Not […]

Yamaha will launch two new electric scooters in 2022

Yamaha has recently announced that it will have two new electric scooters on sale next year, the E01 and the E02. The Japanese company showed off the two scooters as concepts back in 2019, but now it looks like Yamaha is set to release them in 2022. Yamaha hasn’t yet revealed any specs about each scooter, but the E01 will have the equivalent power as a 125cc class petrol scooter, […]

Ford Mustang Mach-E range increased for updated model

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been tweaked for the 2022 model year, with updated range thanks to some software improvements which has helped unlock some more usable energy from the battery pack. The engineers have managed to get around 7.4% more range out of it, which offers 17 miles more on the Standard Range RWD model. These figures come from the Ford US online configurator. For the UK models, the […]

Tesla will now stop people from playing games while moving

With its latest update, which was released this week – Tesla has now stopped allowing users to play games whilst the car is in motion. This update follows on from a new feature that Tesla released called Passenger Play, which allowed basically anyone to play games on the screen in the car, while the car was moving. The issue with Passenger Play was that, well it relied on someones good […]

New holiday update is now out for Teslas – adds TikTok, Sonic game and more!

Tesla has today released its big update for owners, just in the for the Christmas holiday. The update this time around is quite large, with a lot to dig into. First of all, Tesla has added some new entrainment apps, such as TikTok and a new Sonic the Hedgehog game. The TikTok app can be found under the Tesla Theatre and will allow users to watch any video from that […]

Fiat announces new Scudo panel van, with EV option available

Fiat has recently announced its new Scudo panel van, which is the company’s re-entry back into the mid sized van market since the last generation Scudo was discontinued back in 2016. Of course, Fiat is now part of Stellantis which was formed earlier this year and amalgamates the likes of Vauxhall, Peugeot and more and this provides the benefit of re-badging. The new Fiat Scudo is essentially a Peugeot Expert […]

Euro NCAP crash test Renault Zoe, gets zero-star rating

Euro NCAP have tested two electric cars from the Renault group recently, the new Dacia Spring and now the Zoe. Both cars are fully electric and have not performed well at all, which is surprising as Renault was an early firm favourite back in the early 2000s when the Euro NCAP was relatively new. The Dacia Spring was tested and it achieved a one star safety rating. Euro NCAP said […]

Vauxhall Corsa-e and Mokka-e price dropped by £3,000

Vauxhall has today responded to the Government’s actions on reducing the plug-in car grants, by reducing the list prices of its two electric cars, the Corsa-e and Mokka-e. Both models have had their prices reduced by £3,000 across the range, bringing the entry level Corsa-e down from £30,305 to £27,305 without the plug-in grant. WIth the grant it is now £25,805. The UK Government reduced the plug-in car grant last […]

Tesla will be providing free off-peak Supercharging during Christmas

Already, some Tesla owners are dealing with issues of overcrowding at Supercharger stations and Tesla is looking to help solve some of these issues, as a lot of people in the US embarks on travels for Christmas. According to a report from Electrek, the company is looking to offer free charging at its locations in the US between 23rd December and 26th December, but at off peak hours such as 7pm through […]