Electric Vehicles

Volkswagen is planning on restarting sales of the e-up!

Volkswagen is reportedly planning on restarting the production and sales of the e-up! after it stopped in 2020. Volkswagen stopped selling the electric hatch due to a change in government incentives changed and caused a new surge in EV demand. Volkswagen stopped selling the e-up! due to the company being unable to sell it to be profitable with those discounts. Speaking to news website Golem, VW said: “We had temporarily […]

Renault to go electric only in Europe by 2030

Renault has revised its plan for the company offering electric cars in the UK and Europe, previously it was planning on offering 90% of its lineup as electric only by 2030 but now it has committed to offer 100% of its models on sale in the UK and Europe as electric only. Other companies such as Fiat, Ford and Peugeot have also committed to the same timeline, of being an […]

Tesla is adding Starlink internet access to Supercharger locations

Tesla is looking to use Starlink internet satellites to provide dedicated connectivity at its Supercharger locations, which will be useful for those Tesla users not paying for the Premium Connectivity add on. Some users in Florida have been spotting some Starlink dishes at Supercharger locations but there is not any word yet on whether Tesla will be providing WiFi access for those charging or if it will replace the existing […]

Tesla Cybertruck pushed back to 2023

Tesla has delayed the Cybertruck to 2023, but it was originally supposed to go on sale this year. The company has removed any reference to 2022 from its website but it now says that production will start in Q1 2023. Tesla originally debuted the Cybertruck back in 2019, at that event it said that production would start at the end of 2021. Tesla has now gone from being one of […]

Citroën launches new entry level e-C4 Sense

This week, Citroën has expanded its line up of the e-C4 with a new less expensive model sitting at the base, with the new Sense. Citroën says customer demands have requested for a more price accessible model and this is it. Sitting at £28,495 including the government’s £1,500 plug in car grant, the e-C4 is around £2,500 cheaper than it used to be. So, what has Citroën done to knock […]

Dacia Spring is now the best selling car in Romania

Dacia seem to have a hit on their hands already with the new Spring electric car. It is one of the cheapest on the market and is already on sale in most of Europe, including France, Romania and others. In Dacia’s home market of Romania the little Spring has now become the best selling car there, not the best selling EV but the overall car in the country. In just […]

Smart has ended production of the EQ ForFour

Smart has now ended production of the EQ ForFour, which has been on sale in the UK since 2017, with a small facelift in 2019. The EQ ForFour had a 80bhp electric motor and 17.6kWh battery with only 70 miles of range. Smart is to focus on the Concept #1 SUV which is due to go on sale later this year and is to be the first model the company has […]

Tesla Superchargers are now in all 50 US states

Tesla has this week announced that it now has Supercharger locations available for the public in all 50 US states. Earlier in the week, the company announced that a new location was made live in Hawaii, specifically in the town of Aiea with six stalls available. This is actually the second Supercharger supercharger location in Hawaii, the first is not available for public use as it was installed especially by […]

GM announces the new all electric Chevrolet Silverado

Today during its keynote at CES 2022, GM announced the all new, all electric Chevrolet Silverado. Thee truck is going up against the F-150 Lightning from Ford and has a range of 400 miles on both models. The Silverado will go on sale in the US later this year and two models will be available, the RST First Edition and the WT, which is more geared towards fleet use. Both […]

Due to demand, Ford is doubling F-150 Lightning production

Ford has announced today that is doubling production of its latest EV, the Ford F-150 Lightning. It has recently stopped taking new reservations of the electric pickup due to increased demand and the company has said it is “completely oversubscribed.” Production will be increased to 150,000 vehicles per year and the pre-orders for the F-150 Lightning have been capped at 200,000 for now. To help with the demand, Ford has drafted in […]