Jeep reveals new Renegade in Brazil, ahead of UK launch

Jeep has unveiled the new Renegade in Brazil this month, ahead of its release here in the UK later this year. The new refreshed model isn’t that different from the current model, with just a handful of minor changes. Around the front of the Renegade is a new front bumper, with chunkier plastic body protection, new grey and red accent features. However, the grille has been changed much more, with […]

Ford reveals all new Mondeo – only available in China

Ford has introduced the all new fifth generation Mondeo which for the first time since the model was introduced will be only sold in China. Ford will stop offering the current Mondeo here in the UK later this year in March. Ford has been offering the Mondeo over in China since 2002, but going forward the car will now only be offered there. Ford unveiled the new version at the […]

Ford announces new 400bhp Bronco Raptor

Ford this week has revealed its new top of the line model for the Bronco SUV, with the Bronco Raptor. Ford says this is focused on Baja rock crawling, high speed dune runs and good road manors. The company has not yet revealed any pricing for the Bronco Raptor but we do know that like the standard models, it is US only. This is now the third major model in […]

Volkswagen is planning on restarting sales of the e-up!

Volkswagen is reportedly planning on restarting the production and sales of the e-up! after it stopped in 2020. Volkswagen stopped selling the electric hatch due to a change in government incentives changed and caused a new surge in EV demand. Volkswagen stopped selling the e-up! due to the company being unable to sell it to be profitable with those discounts. Speaking to news website Golem, VW said: “We had temporarily […]

Volkswagen was the best selling brand in Europe last year

In 2021 Volkswagen was the best selling car manufacturer in the Europe with 1.08 million sold in 2021, compared to Peugeot who were in second place, with 649,514 sales in the same period. In third place was Toyota with 615,142 cars sold which was a price of 9.1% following the year previous, when the company was in eighth place. Elsewhere, Toyota is the best selling brand in the US last […]

New Ford Bronco Raptor to be announced on Monday

Ford is set to announce an all new variant of the Ford Bronco, with the Bronco Raptor which like its F-150 stablemate is expected to be a more powerful, more off road focused model with all terrain tyres. Ford CEO, Jim Farley tweeted on Friday this week that the company is planning on announcing the new model next week on Monday 24th January at 6am EST. Get ready. #BroncoRaptor […]

BMWs last V12 car is to be a limited edition 7 Series on sale in the US

BMW will be offering a new 7 Series soon, with the very last V12 engine the company will be offering. The 2022 M760Li xDrive will be an extremely limited edition and only on sale in the US. The differences between the standard model are quite hidden away, on the outside there are some small distinguishing features such as some V12 badges on the boot lid and rear pillar. There are […]

Fiat announces new Tipo and Panda (RED) models

Fiat has recently announced its new models that are available in (RED) editions, thanks to a partnership with the charity and the Fiat Panda and Tipo are the latest cars to be available in this theme. Fiat has already launched a 500 city car in this range, which is on sale now. (RED) was founded back in 2006 by Bono from U2 and Bobby Shriver to help fund the research […]

Toyota announces new faster and lighter GR Yaris GRMN

Toyota has recently announced the the new GR Yaris GRMN which is a beefed up and vastly changed GR Yaris with what sounds like an extensive development process. Toyota last used the GRMN badge on the old Yaris with a special 210bhp version. The new GR Yaris GRMN is only going to be offered in Japan with only 500 being made. Buyers will take part in a lottery to see […]

Renault to go electric only in Europe by 2030

Renault has revised its plan for the company offering electric cars in the UK and Europe, previously it was planning on offering 90% of its lineup as electric only by 2030 but now it has committed to offer 100% of its models on sale in the UK and Europe as electric only. Other companies such as Fiat, Ford and Peugeot have also committed to the same timeline, of being an […]