Apple releases macOS Monterey 12.4

Apple this week has released macOS Monterey version 12.4, with the main addition being adding in support for the new update released for the new Studio Display webcam update, which has also been released this week. macOS Monterey 12.4 is available now for all Macs compatible with Monterey and can be downloaded from System Preferences > Software Update. In this release, Universal Control‌ is not in beta, which means this […]

Apple discontinues macOS Server

Apple has this week announced that macOS Server is coming to an end, as of 21st April 2022. Apple has been slowing phasing out the application for a number of years, extracting popular features from the app into macOS itself, such as Caching Server, File Sharing Server, and Time Machine Server. Apple still offers the macOS Server app for download on the Mac App Store, but has published several support […]

Apple releases macOS Monterey‌‌ 12.1

This week, Apple released macOS Monterey‌‌ 12.1 with support for SharePlay and a few extra features and improvements. This is the first major update to the operating system since it was initially released in October. SharePlay has been added, which is a feature that lets you share your screen, music, videos and apps with other people on a FaceTime call. The feature has been out on iPadOS, tvOS and iOS […]

Amazon launches a Prime Video app for macOS

Amazon has today launched a new app on the Mac App Store. Prime Video is now available to download, free of charge and it works on Intel machines as well as M1, with full support for offline viewing too, just like its iOS and iPadOS counterparts. Many of the iOS features are supported, such as Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay as well as in app purchases for rentals and other items. The […]

Apple will be making macOS Monterey available next week

Apple announced macOS Monterey back in June, at WWDC – alongside iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8. So far, we have seen those other operating systems and the next version of macOS would have a small delay. Well today, Apple has revealed when it’ll be making the new OS available. Starting on 25th October, which is next Monday – support Macs will be able to update. Learn more about […]

Apple releases small ‘Device Support Update’ for macOS

Apple has today released a minor update for some versions of macOS, including Big Sur and Catalina. The update doesn’t require a reboot and is simply called ‘Device Support Update’ and it includes support for the latest iOS and iPadOS devices. Apple has said that it makes sure iOS and iPadOS devices can properly update and restore when doing so on a Mac. The update can be found from the the […]

Apple releases Safari 15 for macOS Big Sur and Catalina

Alongside iOS 15, watchOS 15 and the other new version of its operating systems, Apple also released Safari 15 for macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina. The new browser is the same version that is due to ship with macOS Monterey later this year. Apple typically makes the new browser available to older operating systems for a couple of years and the new update includes more transparent material in the […]

Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.6

Today, Apple has released an update for macOS Big Sur with version 11.6, this version focuses on fixes various security vulnerabilities that were in previous versions. Macs that currently run Big Sur can get this update from the System Preferences app. Alongside this patch for Big Sur, Apple is also providing an update for macOS Catalina to fix the same issue, which could allow a maliciously crafted PDF to execute code. 

Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.5

Today Apple has continued its release of software this week, following on from iOS 14.7 and watchOS 7.6 Apple has now updated macOS to 11.5 with some improvements to the Podcast app and more. The last macOS update was 11.4 which was released back in May. This update is out now and addresses a couple of bugs, such as Apple Music now updating play counts in the Music app. You […]

With iPadOS 15 and macOS 12, the iPad and Mac get Lower Power Mode

Apple announced its new operating systems for 2021 this week at WWDC and a few tidbits have come out in the past few days, one of them is the addition of Lower Power Mode to macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15, marking the first time the feature has moved beyond the iPhone since the feature was introduced. Low Power Mode came to the iPhone in 2015 with iOS 9 and throttles […]