Apple has changed how battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6

Apple is starting to change how the battery replacements work for the iPad mini 6. Currently, if a user needs to have a battery replaced, they are typically given a brand new device which can actually be a pretty nice perk, as any minor cosmetic damage the device may have picked up is taken care of, as you get a new device. However, as of today Apple is now changing […]

Apple starts to manufacture the iPhone 14 in India

Apple is starting to manufacture the new iPhone 14 in India, with the models make there to be sold locally later this year. Apple provided a statement to TechCrunch which said it is “excited to be manufacturing ‌iPhone 14‌ in India.” Apple has used India has a place to manufacture older iPhone models that were still widely offered, for example earlier this year Apple started producing the iPhone 13 in […]

Apple releases watchOS 9.0.1 for the Apple Watch Ultra

Earlier this week, Apple released a day one update for the Apple Watch Ultra which was delivered to customers on Friday. watchOS 9.0.1 addresses a bug with the speaker which could have distorted audio during phone calls using the built in speakers. This update is only for the Apple Watch Ultra and won’t be coming to other models. To update go to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone, then […]

Apple releases iOS 16.0.2 to fix some of the issues plaguing the iPhone 14 Pro

This week, Apple released a new update for iOS 16 with iOS 16.0.2. This new release addresses some issues users have been seeing with the iPhone 14 Pro models related to the camera vibrating. iOS 16.0.1 was released, but was only for iPhone 14 owners and came out on day one for both phones. Users have been seeing issues with the camera vibrating on third party apps, it would have […]

Apple now saying that the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 support Bluetooth 5.3

When Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 earlier this month, the spec sheets suggested that the company hadn’t upgraded the Bluetooth version in the new models, instead keeping them on Bluetooth 5.0. However, we have now seen that it has since been updated to show that both models now have Bluetooth 5.3. This news was shared this week by MacRumors. This issue must have been […]

Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien now on sale via the Apple Retail Store in the US

This week, Apple has started to offer the Ubiquiti AmpliFi Alien on its online retail store in the US. The router was launched back in 2019 and has only recently gained official HomeKit support this year. Ubiquiti is best known for its cooperate wireless, routing and switching with UniFi and its core roots with WISP applications, with airFiber and airMAX. AmpliFi is a sub-brand operated under UI Labs and has […]

Dark Sky is reminding users that it’s app will shutdown on 1st January

Apple acquired Dark Sky over two years ago and the wind down process of it being merged into the Apple Weather app has been a relatively slow one. Apple has basically finished the process this year with the release of iOS 16, macOS 13 and iPadOS 16. Last year Apple majorly overhauled the Weather app last year with iOS 15 and now it seems the process is now finished. Shortly after […]

Netatmo debuts new white option for the Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

A few weeks ago, Netatmo launched a new white version of its Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren device, to make it blend better in more places. Netatmo has had this device on sale for a little while and works natively with a lot of smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, HomeKit and crucially, HomeKit Secure Video. Netatmo is offering the camera is a new white finish and its […]

Apple Stores in the UK will close on Monday 19th September for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Apple Stores in the UK will be closed nationwide on Monday 19th September for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Apple informed UK staff yesterday about the closure and the day is a national bank holiday. King Charles III has announced that the day is to be a bank holiday for the whole country and it is up to the individual businesses if they want to close their doors on […]