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Ubiquiti announces UniFi Protect AI Theta – coming soon to EA

Ubiquiti today announced a new line of cameras for UniFi Protect, called AI Theta. This new cameras aims to make camera security less aesthetically intrusive in certain environments such as high end shopping outlets. The whole premise is separating the physical components and making the camera facing the people blend in more. Ubiquiti says AI Theta is coming soon to early access, so based in previous products it could be […]

Ubiquiti finally releases UNVR stacking

Earlier today, Ubiquiti released a new software update for the UNVR and UNVR Pro, with UniFi OS version 2.5.11. The new update improves a number of things such as adding the ability to now tell the user if there is an issue with their hard drive for example. The main feature of this update is the addition of NVR stacking. UNVR stacking has been in beta for around two months […]

Ubiquiti launches the brand new AI Bullet camera for UniFi Protect

Back in December 2021, Ubiquiti unveiled the new AI Bullet via its YouTube channel and has been going through the EA beta process ever since. We also published a handy comparison guide taking a look at the AI Bullet vs the similar G4 Pro. However, many months have gone by and Ubiquiti has finally released the AI Bullet to the general public and is on sale now on the official […]

Ubiquiti launches two brand new door locks for UniFi Access – available now

Today, Ubiquiti has released two brand new door locks for UniFi Access. The new ‘Access Lock Electric’ is a electric strike lock used on the side of doors and there is a new ‘Access Lock Magnetic’ model which is available in two weight models, 270-540 kg. The magnetic lock works with inswing and outswing doors. Like all UniFi Access devices, the door locks will be compatible with the UA Reader […]

Ubiquiti launches the brand new U6-Enterprise, its first WiFi 6E AP

Ubiquiti today has launched the brand new UniFi6 Enterprise access point, the first WiFi 6E device the company has launched so far. WiFi 6E enables support for a third WiFi band, in the 6GHz spectrum. While there aren’t many client devices out in the wild that can support it currently, given some time they will be available. Being a device in the ‘Enterprise’ family, the U6-Enterprise has a 2.5GbE RJ45 […]

Ubiquiti launches the new Building-to-Building Bridge XG

Today, Ubiquiti has added the brand new Building-to-Building Bridge XG (UBB-XG) to its public facing stores in the EU and UK. Like the entry level UBB model the company offers, the UBB-XG is a dedicated PtP 60GHz radio system which connects to the UniFi application for its management. While the UBB is based on the standard GigaBeam, the UBB-XG is based on the airFiber 60HD, which was launched in February […]

Ubiquiti reveals some new, upcoming UISP hardware

In the last few days, Ubiquiti has completely overhauled its website for UISP. Visiting uisp.com used to show off the features of the UISP application. However, it has now been redesigned from top to bottom with information on new upcoming hardware for both UISP Wave and UISP wired hardware. Digging into the new site uncovers new switching and routing hardware for UISP, more details regarding the UISP Wave devices as […]

Ubiquiti launches UniFi Protect 2.1.1, adds Smart Detection to G4 Instant

Today, after a while in the beta process – Ubiquiti has launched UniFi Protect version 2.1.1. There is a long list of improvements and bug fixes, but two of the main ones caught our eye. The first one was the addition of Smart Detections for the G4 Instant. When Ubiquiti announced this tiny wireless camera back in November 2021, the original announcement video said that the camera would support Smart […]

Ubiquiti adds HomeKit support to the AmpliFi Alien

Ubiquiti today has released new firmware for the AmpliFi Alien, with version 3.7.0. This update was posted to the Ubiquiti Community and can be downloaded now for your device. There aren’t many changes, just some time zone improvements and the addition of HomeKit support. Ubiquiti says this release adds “Apple HomeKit security feature to AmpliFi Alien standalone router setups”. Version 3.7.0 was released at the start of June in a […]

Ubiquiti announces new Smart Chime for use with UniFi Protect Doorbell

Today, Ubiquiti has announced a new much requested product for UniFi Protect, the new Smart Chime. Ever since Ubiquiti launched the original G4 Doorbell back in 2020 there has not been the option of an official chime for it, instead relying on mechanical chimes or third party digital chimes to get the job done. However, today Ubiquiti has released the offices smart chime for UniFi Protect. Only available in the […]