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Ford starts accepting orders for the F-150 Lightning again, but prices are higher

Earlier this week, Ford started taking orders again in the US for the all electric F-150 Lightning. The company had to suspend new orders due to increased demand and delays with production. Ford has taken the opportunity to update the model lineup too, with new colour options, upgraded range and more. Starting today, customers that have an active order for a F-150 Lightning can convert it to an order for […]

Ford Bronco coming to Europe in 2023

Ford is planning to bring the popular Bronco off roader to Europe in 2023, however the word on whether or not the UK is included remains to be seen. So far, Ford has said that the 4×4 will be coming to some left-hand drive markets in Europe and obviously, this doesn’t include the UK. For the past two years, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the Bronco and […]

Ford has recalled 49k Mustang Mach Es due to overheating batteries

Ford has recently announced a new recall for the Mustang Mach E which is affecting around 49,000 cars. Ford has also asked all dealers to pause deliveries of the car until the issue is resolved. The main issue is that the Mach E could overheat, caused by the high-voltage battery connectors overheating. This could result in the car not starting or to lose power while in motion. Ford has stated […]

New Ford Ranger Raptor on sale now in the UK, with prices starting at £57,340

The brand new Ford Ranger Raptor is on sale now in the UK, starting at £57,340. With the last generation Ranger Raptor, Ford used a 2.0-litre bi-turbo diesel engine but the new one swaps it for a much more powerful 3.0-litre petrol V6, with 284bhp. The last truck had 204bhp. The new Ranger Raptor is on sale now for £57,340 in the UK and rest of Europe, deliveries are due […]

Ford announces brand new all electric Ford E-Transit Custom

This week, Ford has announced its second all electric van – the new Ford E-Transit Custom. Ford already has the larger Ford E-Transit on sale over in the US and here in the UK and Europe, but generally for the roads here the Custom is a much more manageable size. Actually, when taking all vehicles into account, the Transit Custom is the best selling vehicle in the UK. Ford has […]

First deliveries of the F-150 Lightning begin, with improved specifications

Last week, Ford starting delivering the new all electric F-150 Lightning to customers, but now that the deliveries have started the actual specifications have changed since, and actually for the better. The F-150 Lightning will actually come with more horsepower than what was originally announced, as well as a higher payload capacity. Ford is even launching a new feature, powered by the cloud which will help accurately work out the […]

Ford to stop making the Fiesta in three door version

Ford is getting ready to stop producing the three door version of the Fiesta, as well as streamlining some of the lineup for the car. Ford is planning on stopping production of the three door version and the Fiesta van too. Ford has removed all traces of the three door version from the online website and price lists. However, existing orders of the three door Fiesta will be completed and […]

Ford will reveal a new electric Tourneo Custom next month

Ford is planning on releasing its second all electric van next month, following on from the full size E-Transit which was announced in November 2020. All we have to go on is the above image from Ford and judging by the silhouette it looks like a Ford Tourneo Custom more than anything else, which would make sense based on Ford’s existing lineup. Ford is planning on revealing the Tourneo Custom on […]

Ford increases price of all electric Mustang Mach-E

Ford has recently raised the price of the all electric Mustang Mach-E by around £6,000. The company has cited a rise on costs for materials and energy, with the SUV now costing £47,530, a dramatic increase over the entry level price of £41,330. The Mustang Mach-E price was increased earlier this month on 1st April. Only the entry level model, the Standard Range RWD is under £50,000 in the UK, […]

Ford revealed new limited edition Ford GT ‘Moody Edition’

Ford has revealed a new limited edition of the Ford GT this week, called the ‘Moody Editor’ which pays homage to the historic win Ford saw at Le Mans 24 Hours back in 1966, with that iconic 1-2-3 win. The new car will make a public appearance at the New York Motor Show later this month. The car comes in a custom gold and red look, paying homage again to […]