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Apple’s new dual USB-C chargers are now on sale

Apple has today put its new dual USB-C chargers on sale, with two options available in compact and standard options. It seems the compact model, which is in the left image is only available in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. The standard size is the only version available here in the UK and is included in the box with the new MacBook Air […]

Apple might add USB-C to the base iPad

In Apple’s iPad lineup, the only model left that is still using the Lightning port is the base model iPad which retails for $329 / £319. However, to being the entry level iPad inline with the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro models, Apple might be charging the entry level iPad to USB-C later this year. This news comes from 9to5Mac sources, which claim that as soon as this […]

Brompton is recalling some of its folding e-bikes due to issues with the front wheel locking up

Over in the US, Brompton is recalling its folding e-bikes due to a risk of the front wheel locking up and causing injury to the rider. So far, there has been nine reported injuries and two cases of people going to hospital. This seems to be affecting any folding electric bicycles from Brompton sold between May 2019 and March 2022. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) agency, […]

Meta is planning to stop making the Portal for consumers

Meta is planning to stop selling its Portal video devices direct to consumers soon, instead focusing on selling direct to businesses for use in conference calling scenarios. This new strategy was reported earlier this week by The Information and comes from some investor concerns regarding the amount of money the company has invested in new hardware projects that haven’t actually paid off yet. Meta announced the Portal devices back in 2018 and has […]

Forza Motorsport is coming next year to PC and Xbox

Turn 10 has announced this week that the next version of Forza Motorsport is coming next year to PC and Xbox. The next version is not going to be called 8 which would follow on from 7, instead the game is to be called just Forza Motorsport. Judging fro the trailer, the graphics seem to have taken a huge leap, with a new advanced dynamic time of day system for […]

Dacia reveals brand new badge design

This week, Dacia has launched a brand new logo which will be making its way to the company’s models soon. The new ‘Dacia Link’ badge was revealed around a year ago but is only just now making its way to new cars. Dacia has released a new press release that shows the new logo on the Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Jogger, Duster and the Spring. The Dacia Spring is not yet […]

Dacia stops production of the Sandero and Duster Bi-Fuel models

Earlier today, Dacia has stopped producing its Bi-Fuel cars, the Sandero and Duster for the UK market. The company has said this is only temporary and is due to problems obtaining LPG gas – with problems arising in the supply chain currently. The Dacia Sandero Bi-Fuel and Dacia Duster Bi-Fuel are the only LPG ready cars sold by a car manufacturer in the UK. The LPG shortage is related to the […]

Ubiquiti introduces new UniFi U6 Extender WiFi 6 access point

Today, Ubiquiti has released a brand new access point for UniFi and it is already in stock at the time of writing. The new U6-Extender is available now on the official US Ubiquiti store, as well as the EU store (which also covers the UK). The U6-Extender is essentially a new updated version of the BeaconHD that was released a few years ago. The U6-Extender supports the latest 802.11ax WiFi […]